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Andre Meyers: Composer

To be black means to be closer to death,” says composer Andre Myers.  “There’s not been a day in the last 15 years when I’ve not said or thought I’m not dead.” In the midst of an American society newly...

Identity Politics and Experimental Music with George E. Lewis

The Metrics of Access and Delivery of Black Music

The Metrics of Access


WHY IS AMERICAN CLASSICAL MUSIC SO WHITE? Tom Huizenga Antonin Dvorak predicted that American classical music would draw from African American traditions. A new article wonders why American classical music has remained so white. When the first enslaved Africans landed…

Black Artistic Visibility

COMPOSER DISCUSSIONS Black Artistic Invisibility: A Black Composer Talking ‘Bout Taking Care of The Souls of Black Folks While Losing Much Ground Fast (Delivered at Bowling Green University February 19, 2004) Bill Banfield

Anti-Black Discriminations in American Orchestras